Feature Controls Feature Controls This camera supports the following features. Auto Mode Before sending a command, check the predetermined variable range and check whether the feature supports AUTO mode. Obtain the number of packets. If a Frame rate decrease. Lens mount cap 1 , Operating instructions 1 , Cable 1 , Clamp filter 2. Video Mode Settings Select the video mode you want to use from the tables, and make the required settings.

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Fast hardware or software asynchronous trigger. It’s really easy to use.

Gain Both Manual and Auto Gain setting are available with this camera. Obtain a Sony xcd-sx910 offset address.

Sony XCD-SX910CR, XCD-SX710CR, XCD-SX910UV, XCD-SX910, XCD-SX710 Technical Manual

Page of 40 Go. Lead-free solder mounting board. Because it is very helpful in understanding the explanations in this Technical Manual, we recommend that you purchase sony xcd-sx910 copy of IIDC v1. The standards document can be purchased from TA the Trade Association. Thus the relative sensitivity of a camera can be found by looking at the product of the permeability properties of the optical filter and the spectroscopic sony xcd-sx910 characteristics of the CCD.

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Brightness This camera supports brightness sony xcd-sx910.

Click here to visit Sony Web Site. Video Mode Settings Select the video mode you want to use from the tables, sony xcd-sx910 make the required settings.

Notes on snoy Camera Operations 1. F0Fh is the control base address on this camera.


UnitSize is read out. Dimensions Appendix Dimensions 2-M3, depth 4 Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Only rectangles can be selected. Characteristics of the XCD-SXUV Relative Sensitivity The relative sensitivity of the camera is determined by the permeability of the optical sony xcd-sx910, and the spectroscopic sensitivity sony xcd-sx910 of the CCD mounted in the camera.

Use this information if required by the software application.

Wait until the SettingBit falls. This makes fine adjustment of the black level sony xcd-sx910. Frame rate may decrease depending on your shutter settings.

Use this feature when you cannot obtain the sony xcd-sx910 white balance using the R and B gain. Step 3 PixelNumber is read out. Error Check the packet size.

Lens mount cap 1Operating instructions 1Cable 1Clamp filter 2. For long exposure times When exposure times longer than the currently set cxd-sx910 rate cycle are set, the camera enters the long exposure time mode, and the actual frame rate is slowed in accordance with the exposure time.

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When a series of images sony xcd-sx910 output, the instant when the exposure time is shorter than one frame, and the exposure xcdd-sx910 setting is shortened using the sony xcd-sx910. Number of effective pixels: Because ultraviolet light contains higher energy compared to visible light, the elements making up the CCD can suffer damage; so depending on the amount of ultraviolet light energy accumulated, a lowering of the sony xcd-sx910 may occur.

Note that the values in the table are given as examples, as the frame rate varies sony xcd-sx910 on exposure times or areas you have specified.

ColorCoding is read out. Set the color cording ID. Same licensing scheme is valid in both environments.